• 20 Jun 2013 1:15 AM
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    Mark Hill (Administrator)
    Dear all,

    When I first created this Ltd by guarantee company (of which you are all members) I had great hopes that it would become a club to support MYOB users.  We have ended up with something more modest....

    1.We help people on the phone and give them confidence to continue with the software that they paid for.
    2.We calculate confirmation codes to allow them to continue with software which is being made obsolescent by Windows system changes.
    3.We charge a rental for a support service to avoid members having to pay a rental to Mamut for their mac-only offering.  The ironies abound.

    Now we reach our first year end.  I have produced the accounts for the club through a piece of software that I would happily recommend to you all.... because you already know it.

    Profit _ Loss 2012.pdf

    Bal Sheet 2012.pdf

    These accounts were knocked together in a few minutes because they were produced on Acclivity Accountedge.  This is a Canadian version of the MYOB program you like.  But you cannot view it on the new pages written by Acclivity on http://www.acclivitysoftware.com/ because you are British.  And Irish.  Sorry. 
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