'You have struck a major blow!'  (Former MYOB Professional Partner)

Services for MYOB Users

The Association is run as a not for profit organisation. We are simply here to ensure that the licence that MYOB users are entitled to is respected by Mamut and MYOB (Australia). 

Providing Support for MYOB Users

  • We issue confirmation codes which will allow indefinite use of the software if you have a valid MYOB licence.
  • We represent the interests of those who wish to continue to use MYOB to the various corporate bodies involved.
  • We provide systems analyst support for those with corrupted datafiles, or who wish to create new datafiles.
  • We maintain a detailed legal briefing with licence texts to explain your rights under the licence that each user accepted.
  • We provide telephone support - free for members, just ring us on phone 01422 847500.
  • We provide briefings on new uses of the software as accounting regulations change.
  • We provide advice on what to do when you outgrow your software: MYOB alternatives.
  • We moderate the users forums.  

Role of Living Lightly Limited

Staff at Living Lightly Limited service the Association.

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